Our Company

VRM, started in 1994, in Athens - Greece, by a group of engineers, with extensive experience in design and construction of new machinery.
VRM, designs and manufactures machinery, escaping from "the trodden path" and searching for new innovative ideas.
Smart design, innovative solutions, strong construction, very economic prices,
reliable technical support, all together creating, a valuable partner.

Types of VRM machines, offers:
• Automatic production line in order for reconditioned steel drums, type ARECO
• Automatic Bending machines, round wire or strip with feeding from spinning wheel type ATLAS
• Automatic Mesh - Welding machines, pre-cut round wire type PRE-CUT  MW
• Automatic Forming machines for frames, from round wire or strip for mattresses with inner spring units type EF - 250
• Logo embossing machine in sheet metal type RM
• Filling Pillows machine type P - 400
• Sealing of packing, machine PQ 800 for pillows, cushions,quilts, clothes, t-shirts, etc.
• Excellent quality, reliability, advanced technology at economic prices.








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