For Wire Industry

ATLAS-308 - automatic bending machine, round wire or strip with feeding from spinning wheel

• Excellent wire alignment

• Flat shapes

• Very accurate length and excellent repeatability

• Easy programming for new shapes

• Constant support ,service and special parts from VRM

• Wire drives forward with 10 moving rollers
• Wire forward and bending motions, using INVERTER, directed from a dedicated CNC unit
• Each shape can have up to 60 sides and 60 corners
• Central memory for 1000 different shapes
• Connection Port used for printing programs
• Left-right corners of bending


Feeding from spinning wheel, wire diameter

3-8 mm

Wire feeding speed

60m / min

Length accuracy


Bending accuracy


Total consumption 7.5kW
Dimensions 2000 x 900 x 1250mm
Weight 1150Kg
Extra 250Kg spinning wheel with mechanic brake/or 500Kg speening wheel with motion











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