For mattresses

EF-250 Automatic forming machine for frames
(from round wire or strip)

• Easy and flexible programming of the production

• User friendly computer unit

• Perfect straightening of round wire

• Flexibility to choose the clipping or welding point

• Capability to storage many different shapes and dimensions

• Easy change of wire diameter or strip dimensions

• Simple or motorised swift (250kg, 1200kg)

• Hydraulic or servo technology depending on production requirements



Steel strip max. - min

12x3mm -8x1.2 and wire dmax 5.5mm

Max. material tensile strenght

180kg / mm

Bending speed

800 / sec

Power unit speed

40 / min

Accuracy range aprox. 0.2mm
Accuracy angle aprox. 0.5
Max. side 2500mm
Min. side 110mm
Total consumption 7.5kW
Dimensions 1800(L) x 1000(W) x 1300(H)










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