Wire mesh welding

Automatic mesh-weld machine from precut round wire

• Very precise and excellent repeatability
• Easy programming for new meshes
• Constant Support, Service and special parts from VRM
• Electronic programming and control
• Closed circuit watercooling



Transverse diameter rods

from φ3 up to φ8 mm

Longitudinal diameter rods

from φ3 up to φ8 mm

Minimum distance between transverse rods

7 mm

Maximum number of transverse rods

100 per mesh

Central memory 100 meshes
PRE-CUT 3x50KVA in full power is capable of welding: 21 spots φ 4mm
18 spots φ 4.5mm
15 spots φ 5mm
12 spots φ 5.5mm
12 spots φ 6mm
9 spots φ 7mm
6 spots φ 8mm













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